Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kalau Wanita Ini Ahli UMNO..., Dah Pasti TAK Cukup Tanah Penjilat Penjilat PAS Kerjakan Dia...!!

Photo above [not on at all ...] in the email by readers cave alone. If you watch a picture that, it shows PAS Muslimat alone who was installed as a memorial candle Teoh.

If UMNO is the daughter of a woman or a spitting like that .., I feel like not enough land tribes condemn PAS ..

But since dorang that do .. so it is about HALAL ..

Caves not even know what the tribes thought all PAS tu .. I said no reti dorang religious law, is difficult because dorang jugak admitted more and more Islamic faith of other Muslims in Malaysia ..

If you follow the religion .., no ceremonies, customs, or styles that are made in the death of the unbelievers, especially related to specific events of their religious, non-Muslims to participate do so or to follow.

This must be maintained when attending the death, funeral or ceremony commemorating the departure of the heathen.

Take these simple things like this even have to teach jugak nak?

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