Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hancuss..! Car Wash SEX Di DUN Kinrara..?? Ter

Congratulations ..! Sekalung given to congratulate our Blogger friends "Son Shelf" which managed to make a revelation about the illegal activities are rampant in the state ...

On January 8, 2010, the blog has published articles son Shelf picture "Dangdut Indonesian Festival" is held regularly at the contract site near Sungai Buloh. Hot stories also borrowed and linked to several other bloggers through sensational titles respectively in consumer preferences, such as "Wild Party In Selangor Halal" [Blog Duke of UMNO], "Wild Indonesian Festival in Sungai Buloh" [Blog Double Y], "Wow Sex Party Sgor "[Blog Heritage 2057].

To Blog Son Cross, continue to struggle ..., continue to uncover more stories that can be eye-opening story of the people of Selangor who still want to idolize the PAS, PKR and DAP. TV3's work as a 999 plan should be intensified even through the blog ... Agree with the question in the title Son Shelf Blog .., "Pi Enforcement Any ..??"

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