Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hancur Sudah..! Sanggup Lakukan Apa Saja Demi Survival Politik Anwar…!! Mesti Baca.

Once complete lecture program Prime "Challenges for Muslims in the Present ..." held at the Diamond Chamber of the Municipal Council of Kemaman, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir has given some thoughts about the turmoil in the party leadership crisis that is good sodomized by Anwar ... The bitch, the party KLENTONG Rakyat - PKR.

Commenting on the proposal Jempol MP, Datuk Lilah Yasin to the government to prevent the Si Fuck Anwar out of the country to prevent him from further humiliation when the outside ... Malaysia, Tun Mahathir was less.

On the other hand according to Tun Mahathir, the action reflects the government's only fear The Fuck Anwar. "It's OK .., if Anwar wants to discredit the country's bad even though I think we do not need to worry about it. If we make that kind of [block] more people mad at us and hate the government .. "he said.

See for yourself how wisely put the prestige of Tun M Anwar ... The bitch, in other words, The Fuck Anwar hill like a dog barking! This can be seen when other countries have also started badly and fed up with the character of the Si Fuck Anwar. Recently, a blogger and political issues of the comments reference the CNN, Rachel Motte made ​​his interpretation of that ANWAR is NOT Aung San Suu Kyi ...! It is clear that the character of The bitch he did not get good ratings as a fighter ....

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