Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hancur Sudah..! Sanggup Lakukan Apa Saja Demi Survival Politik Anwar…!! Mesti Baca.

In my view, Anwar has become a liability to the opposition. But the opposition in a dilemma now.

Why the dilemma of the opposition? This is what I want to emphasize.

In terms of what has happened and is happening, Anwar is a liability to the opposition. But the opposition in a dilemma.

They still need Anwar. That's their dilemma.

They know, he (Anwar) is a burden, but they need Anwar Anwar as the only coalition that can unite the two opposition parties, PAS and DAP.

Only he can unite the two parties. Because the DAP, if they engage directly with the pass, of course, the members of them, do not accept.

Similarly, the pass, if they had direct contact with the DAP, is also problematic.

So, both parties need a mediator. Mediator is Anwar Ibrahim.

With DAP, may be another message. With the pass, the other message. Therefore, both parties need. Furthermore, Anwar advantage because of his speech, he can win the public.

In the 2008 elections, was the main factor was Anwar Ibrahim. People consider, he is experienced, has become deputy prime minister, he is there the potential to be prime minister, once almost become Prime Minister.

But, after three years of coalition rule in certain states, the factors that cause performance Anwar conspiracy to shrink, what is happening in the states, Anwar's personal. I think more people have to change his mind.

However, in my opinion, Anwar is still a problem in this country.

There is still a problem?

Still .. still. I dare not say much, I say part of the non-Malays, they need Anwar. Why Anwar is needed?

Because they need him as a person who can uphold their interests. That is why they are supporting.

It appears that the trend of non-Malays especially the Chinese strongly support Anwar?

Yes .. yes .. especially the Chinese community. That's right. They thought he (Anwar) as a human need. The question of his personal weaknesses, they do not mind.

Part of Chinese society, they do not mind. Maybe in their minds, the design or the question of personal.

Important to them, only Anwar will change this situation. None of the NEP (New Economic Policy), no privileges are all equal. This is what grabs their attention.

Do they think Anwar is the Messiah, the Savior?

Part. But I see, maybe they have their own agenda. Means, not because of Anwar, not for Anwar, but the other reason.

They think Anwar is an opportunity to increase their demands-demands.

Their claims to achieve. They use him to against the BN. That's what they want.

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