Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GEMPAR! Si Bangsat Anwar Kata Pernah Tonton Video Seks Elizabeth Wong..

Former Chairman of the Penang PKR Bayan Baru MP, Yb Datuk Seri Zaharin Hashim, again open tembelang Anwar Fuck The parliamentary session yesterday ...

This time, Datuk Seri Zaharin tells how The Fuck Anwar told several PKR MPs that the Selangor State Government Exco Elizabeth Wong should resign from office for dealing with moral problems.

"Shes morally unfit to be an exco and state assemblyperson, she must resign .." The bitch said Anwar when the chaotic issues nude pictures Elizabeth playing in cyberspace not long ago.

When asked by a few friends what The PKR MP Anwar bitch convinced that Elizabeth is being sullied because most likely picture is at the top picture is false and is super-imposed ..?

It would surprise all of the PKR MPs who were with Anwar at the time when The Fuck Anwar "confessed" that he 'had already' disgusting scenes to watch the video clips along with her partner Elizabeth ..!!!

Add surprise when The Fuck Anwar said he simply watch the action at Elizabeth Wong "ice cream", mmmmmhhhh ..!!!!!!

Thus his story is told by Yb Datuk Seri Zaharin already left the sinking ship .... PKR

"The story of Anwar tu is not I alone hear, no more other Yb Yb, Zul Nordin already there, Datuk Johari Abdul Kamarul Baharin either been there once ..." added Datuk Seri Zaharin.

Stuttering Cattle should not play Khalid love of Eli naked ..., so do not want to allow the Yb Bukit Lanjan resigned ..! The bitch is quite probably tell Khalid Anwar I stammer that Eli clever cow ice cream .., mmmmhhhh ...!!!!

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