Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GEMPAR..! MB Sgor Sesak Nafas…?

Meeting with a senior leadership of the state PKR last night completed the dawn about to enter. Switching from a café to a restaurant that operates 24 hours.

Chat chat conversations and stories began with the ancient story, al maklumlah Posted at meet face turned news.

Many were the stories interesting stories from the cloth and PKR will be revealed later when it came time to strip naked right .... Let alone the PKR leadership election of the branch up to the highest level last year. Yb Yb many in the party, which is driven by Anwar, James had begun to lobby to lobby.

This blog will cover one at a time very soon, the pentingya info should be collected first. Hopefully that will be broadcast over the disclosure of this blog may inhibit some individuals who are planning to install big dreams, and most importantly, people can see for yourself how they are fighting for positions greedy desires ....

"Should I sit high in the party post bro, it's all a license to run GE to 13 .." said the senior leadership of PKR says found last night.

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