Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GEMPAR! Ada VCD Anwar Bakal Diedarkan..!!

Just waiting for the right time and when, waiting for the right time ..

This time the info received from the north country. There is a VCD recording will be distributed soon. This VCD will prove how bercabangnya tongue being named Anwar Ibrahim ..!

VCD recording of short, lasted five minutes and twenty seconds [5: 20; 00]. It happened at 4:35 pm at the Peace Foundation, Penanti, Bukit Mertajam on January 8, 2008, during the Meeting Alternative Front Seat Distribution [that has not won big time, the Opposition has not yet use the name of the People's Alliance].

During this time said to be very suitable for the VCD distributed as more and more incidents in the incident that shows the internal relationships are more fragile opposition coalition ..! In this VCD recording, Anwar Ibrahim, has been hit, denounced the party's leaders and the concept of PAS in front of the PKR leader. Similarly, label the emotions Anwar DAP and PAS as the greed,,! STUPID ...! Arrogant ...! Anwar's actions were a surprise when many leaders of PKR, because as soon as the DAP and PAS leaders to attend, Anwar continues to change the tone and the gentle words he said, reflected "play movie" and starring the PKR advisor ...

"Place of the town [northern language mean the city] was PAS Surely .. I stir? fathom where I ambek cantek all, a place for my stupid we ..? fathom just a clever ..! at two times we fool, do not want to fool the state coat ..? "[Meaning at two elections, 1999 & 2004 PAS select a good area] so said Anwar said in northern accent ..

"The hangpa all docks fear PAS & DAP pasai what ..? Ha ..! the hangpa dock for similar work mintak charity pasai what ..?? Pi discuss laa .. "high voice PKR leader Anwar when scolded.

"People see us as a strong sebenaQnya not fathom ..! All our national issues, not fathom ..! "Press Anwar added.

"NSW already I want to have to discuss our chaotic, said Sarawak DAP dock fathom even stronger .." Thus said the Anwar said among his friends blasted from the DAP and PAS, PKR leaders while teaching them disrespect.
There are a few more words said, and "body gesture & facial expression Anwar" in the VCD to prove she did not honestly want to work with DAP & PAS, memperkudakan just want them to realize their dreams politikya only ..

According to the owner of this VCD, conduct and behavior continue to change as soon as Anwar PAS leaders emerging leaders to the meeting. It's very tongue branched ni si Anwar, clever he is two-faced!

After the VCD is distributed later to the leader of PAS and DAP leaders, especially dinegeri states they share power, such as Selangor and Kedah, is expected to arise awareness of Anwar Ibrahim who is actually ....

Hopefully people will see for yourself, who is a horse, and who is a ride ..!

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