Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disebabkan Tiada Dress Code, Artis Melayu Berani Tunjuk Tetek Dikhalayak Ramai...!!

I think the Ministry should have guidelines on dress code for the artists of this country artist that does not encroach eastern border as the Malays and not shipped with the artists follow the western way of application ...

The above picture has become a hot conversation among journalists who would film the world of entertainment artists on the Night of Stars Awards Gala organized by the All American Rejects Top News recently. They also "surprised" with the courage a few popular artists who do not have to draw attention to the over-sexy dress ... Normal to the best tactics to get media coverage!

Artists mentioned is the new Kate Miera 19 years old. Who Miera Kate ..? Is she equal popularity with Scha Al-Yahya ..? Kate Jasmay ..? Lisa Surihani ..???

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