Friday, September 16, 2011

Disebabkan bulan Ramadan aksi ghairah ditolak

JAJARTA: Although always known for bold action in front of the camera, this time Dewi Persik change attitudes by accepting bids in the movie acting more polite.

Speaking to the media about the new movie, See Can not Hold, Dewi said she agreed to bring the character to offer because the script does not need them kissing or exposing the body.

"If in this film there kissing scenes, I would reject it.

"I received this offer because in it there is no scene like that," he said.

Dewi, 24, is the artist who is formerly known as dangdut singers before venturing into acting.

Celebrity bloody Chinese hybrid was married to another dangdut singer, Saiful Jamil, in May 2005 but divorced about a year later.

Dewi said, See Can Hold Do not be filmed until Ramadan.

Genre film is scheduled to appear in cinemas by Aidilfitri.

Maxima in the film production company, the Goddess brings character as Salma, a woman who tried to meatball vendor wooed two men.

Hollywood is one of the men held Dimas Seto.

He said due to shooting

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