Friday, September 16, 2011

Budak 12 Tahun DIROGOL Semasa Ponteng Sekolah

[SH] KLANG - Gara-gara pontengnya not known activities, a student raped in a room at the dental clinic here recently.

The victim, known as Imah, 12, who was still a student in year six at a school in the vicinity of the Klang visiting karaoke along with two colleagues.

A police source said, while in the karaoke room, and when everybody was busy listening to songs that are sung other partners, suspects, known as Solomon and his colleagues approached the victims before confiscating mobile phones from his hand.

"At the same time, the suspect warned the action will notify the victim of skipping school to her family.

"The victim tried to grab the phone was surprised, but failed. The suspect ran away with the acting out of the room and headed to the top of a clinic not far from the center of karaoke, "he said.

He said the suspects to lure unsuspecting victims to follow him on his cell phone again if desired.

"These people who are desperate and fear immediately followed the man up to a room available at the clinics.

"Once there, the suspect acted attractive victim's body before kiss and grope and trousers worn open and continue to rape victims.

He said that, once out of the room, fellow suspect who was there also to lure unsuspecting victims by threatening to inform the family that the suspect had raped her.

"Friend suspects such acts merely want to take advantage, as do his friends. However, his action failed when the victims are not ignored, and quickly ran down to the bottom.

"Two friends of victims wept surprised to see the victim then took him back to his house in Happy Garden.

"However, after arriving at home, the victim did not inform the matter to his family, fearing that his secret was exposed.

"However, the victim's uncle, who is also a friend of the suspects managed to smell things," he told the daily Herald.

He said his uncle had informed the matter to the victim's mother before bringing it to the New Town Police Station to report Klang.

"Police will carry out further investigation on the matter.

"However, it is an offense of rape when the victim is a minor and the suspect can be prosecuted," he said.

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