Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim Datang Dari Keluarga Bermasalah..?? Broken Family Bila Datuk Ibrahim Rahman Buat Hal Dengan Orang Gaji…, Adik Anwar Pula Penagih Dadah

True, in any wikipedia, there is no record of Anwar's life history, especially the historical background of the family who jumped into the realm of students, involved in PKPIM, ABIM, join UMNO, in prison, PKR, and finally its history today.

Anwar from broken families. His father, Ibrahim Abd. Rahman took her servant as wife, mother Anwar's cause Hajah Che Yan life ... depressed and suffering from paralysis.

Mokhtar, brother Anwar was a drug addict. Families who are not so easy before now became wealthy when Anwar was Finance Minister.

Much time was spent in Indonesia as Mokhtar Azman problems he faced. These problems may affect the reputation of him as a 'politician' Malaysia and the image of 'Uncle Sheikh'nya.

Because Anwar was as much as possible try to 'hide' kekanda eldest. For the record, this eldest unmarried kekanda during his lifetime

Another sister of Anwar's (lesser known) married to a former police bodyguard Anwar, who retired in the reform era in 1998, also named Mokhtar

Mokhtar, Anwar's brother-in-law, acting as escort staff Anwar, the same job when he was in the police service.

"... Anwar ni naughty, so the family decided Mokhtar a personal Guards to have a look his behavior," explained a source close to the family of Anwar.

Perhaps because of these family background, then Anwar decided to hide his family lineage and expand on the 'kehebatan'nya as a leader.

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