Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wanita Islam Murtad Masuk Kristian Dibogel Dan Dipukul Oleh Orang Ramai...

New Delhi: About 50 Muslims into a rage at a church to claim a woman, Selina Bibi to repent and go all in Islam. They threatened to burn down the church if waniat refuses to embrace repentance.

Before that, Selina Bibi has to strip naked by two Muslim women who came in with a group of people to his house to see the sign he had become a Christian. They believe that the apostasy of a Muslim become Christian there would be marks on his body.

India is not a Muslim country, but people will soon wake up if there is a Muslim apostate. Contrary to our country is being claimed as a Muslim country, but when the religious authorities who do have laws to prevent an inspection of the apostate church, a national uproar. That is just for the inspection and not a gross invasion or uncivilized.

We only take the issue of apostasy as a capital to find out who one of either the government or the opposition when the issue is not a problem either opposition or government at fault. It is the whole problem of the Muslims in our country who need to find a solution and put all their weaknesses.

However, the Government should bear all the responsibility because the people had entrusted them to lead the country. And do not forget the Conference and the King who became the patron and the full authority in religious affairs should actively address the masala

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