Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update! Issue Lucah PR: Blog-Blog Listings Politics Lucah Under the name Pakatan Haram! (Alert!)

The U.S. just want to share is 7 blogs pro illegal conspiracy detected so far in which any contents containing obscene extreme! For example, a long sand blended service center, we know this is under Nizar Jamaluddin's right?

They seem to condemn the issue of deficit at the BN, they have switched to popularize their blog by posting blog content that can be said to be 90% of the content is material which is obscene and exciting! Mungkin intent can I ad money illegally from 7 blog.

U.S. blog has also difollow by 2 blogs under the U.S. and realize that something is wrong with these blogs. U.S. want to remind to a friend blogger, if you difollow the blog below, do not you follow back, or link to your blog.

It's untouchable this illegal conspiracy groups. using obscene capital solely to popularize their blogs. But something interesting can be said to have the same template and header. Blog names used are also reflects that the blog is 'owned' by the PR pro blogger!

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