Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terkini..! Updates Live Bersih Di KL - Anwar Bertikam Lidah Dengan Ambiga..! Bersih Semakin GAGAL Diadakan Di KL

Clock shows closer to the time for saplings saplings Barua cheap overseas pencacai evil elements reach their evil dreams of peace engulfed the country ..

But Kuala Lumpur is still manageable, and many were detained but cheap pencacai pencacai willing to wash feces Ambiga artisans!

Where to go line-led Pakatan Haram ..? Students are students from public and private institutions and some caps pack is being detained because of inherited behavior "stubborn" Ambiga ..

Anwar had begun to rage ..! What should he explain to the "invisible hand" behind the scenes organizers ..?

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