Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A household is in upheaval UMNO

Blondie Drives the men crazy

Posing with Toy, backstage, Blondie told me that she is studying accountancy at a University here in Kampangphet. “I only dance part time,” she said. She was the recent motor show in Bangkok, but not as a dancer. “I went with my boy friend. I just love fast cars!”

Coyote diamond studded dancers

I think someone forgot to tell her, Blondie could bring a cadaver back to life with her ebullience. And Rose cannot only dance like a coyote baying at a full moon tanked up on tequila. She can really let those Thai pop chords rip, just as Gop certainly knew how to dress up and down. gop looked better than any red haired Scott, even if she wore a lot more under her kilt!

Towards end of the evening, one guy’s eyes turning, while another two tried to grope into the action. But back stage, Blondie’s boy friend was nearby. Not long after, the coyote entertainment stopped.

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