Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot News:Hey, I got beautiful pictures , that is true or fake pics? ok... let webmarhaen descriebes some about these pics

I've seen places, I've seen faces, but when I see websites or blog or any photo gallery that host/holds nude pics of mizo (or mizo related). I felt something inside which I couldn't spake. Why would a mizo want to do such thing to his fellow mizos? Why would he want to humiliate the whole mizo community?

Many 'nude' mizo pics are just a fake, they are being manipulated or enhanced by any Photoshop (etc etc...) users. I've been collecting pics and videos of what people said to be mizo porn videos/nude pics. The main reason why I collected these videos are that I want to proof it whether its a fake or not.

I found out that many mizo porn videos were Malaysian or Thai girls whose faces are quite similar to Mizo girls. But, some videos seems to be real as in one video which I got a screenshot from it. If you're a mizo, you will probably notice this Mizoram Taxi, which proves it a real mizo 'porn...

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