Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Edison Chen Scandal Photos!!

Freaking news!! Embarrassing sex photos scandal between Edison Chen, Gillian, Cecilia & Bobo are exposed!!

I can't believe that Edison Chen had scandal with so many chicks!! Guess what, he has a habit that's when he makes love with girl, he would either snap photos or record videos!! And now, all his nude photos & videos are leaked when he was sent his PC to one of the computer shops in Hong Kong to repair.

Okay, i got some Cecilia Cheung, Bobo & Gillian nude photos which were sent by my friend. I dunno where they got them, but i was shocked when seen all the nude photos!! (Will only post Cecilia & Gillian 钟欣桐nude photos.)

Let's check it out their naked photos!!

Cecilia In Cop Uniform
Cecilia Cheung was sucking Edison Chen's dick. Look, Edison Chen has hairy ass!

2) Gillian & Edison Chen nude photos!!

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