Sunday, August 28, 2011

BAHAYA..! Video Trailer Bersih Versi Yahudi Ini Sedang Disebarkan Ke Negara Negara Luar ...

If you next see the video trailer below, I'm sure you will be able to see how that works "invisible hand" to describe the countries outside the mob mob "stubborn mercenaries Ambiga" kunuunnya assaulted by the police ...

It is undeniable how editing, sound effects music video trailer backgorund is so neat once pembikinannya. It's the quality like video trailer promoting a movie ..!

English-speaking voice of course it is not the result of local work .., thus meaning it illegal propaganda Net assembly is associated with the element of bad elements outside the country ..! Way of making video movie trailer promo like this as if they are ready to show to the outside world that the Malaysian government is not democratic.

But in fact, participating in an illegal assembly participants are stubborn and willing to be deliberately looking for trouble and Barua pencacai a craftsman Ambiga feces wash ...! Watch the video of this trailer;

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