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Analisa Kimia Dr. Cheah Terlalu Lemah. Air Mani Saiful Sendiri Munkin Ada Di Duburnya

Team Advocate General General JUSTICE, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today managed to rip the prosecutor's argument to cast doubt in a chemical analysis made in the case Temptations II.

Yesterday the court know that the DNA laboratory of Chemistry Department of Malaysia has no international accreditation certificate and not in accordance with international standards in analyzing samples from the body of evidence of the complainant, Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Today, the court was told that the sperm sample in Saiful's anus is probably his own sperm, which also contains an individual sperm cell non other.

Exposure was done DNA expert, Dr. Brian McDonald, who continued his testimony today.

Dr McDonald, any semen samples to be analyzed should be free from any contamination in the presence of other cell non sperm.

Hence, semen samples taken from the rectum Saiful to go through the process of separation is called Differential Extraction Process for separating sperm cells and cell non-sperm.

Otherwise, the DNA extracted from sperm cells are mixed with non-sperm DNA from cells present in semen and affect the analysis performed, said Dr. McDonald.

"Based on the evidence of Dr Seah, is carried out is not perfect.

"Because he did not know whether there are epithelial cells (skin) in a sample of sperm taken," said Dr McDonald.

He also slammed the report Dr Seah is not clear, adding that those who read the report could not guess elektroferogram graph clearly referring to the cotton swabs from certain parts.

"He did not record any number (or anything).

"We could be wrong guess," said Dr McDonald

Anwar's lawyer, Sankara Nair said Dr Seah not scientifically objective.

"Dr Seah guessing that the separation (the DNA of sperm and non-sperm DNA) without any repetition of the final (separation process).

"The process that he did not ensure that the head of the sperm is extracted and found in semen is sperm head alone, and not mixed with other cells.

"Dr Seah is scientifically not objective," said Sankara.

Temptations II trial adjourned today will reconvene at 19 to 23 September next.

Expert: DNA sample findings on mere guesswork

An Australian DNA expert says the government Scientist's conclusions were not scientifically objective.

KUALA LUMPUR: Government Scientist Dr Seah Lay Hong's conclusions in her chemistry report, Utara subsequently enabled the prosecution to allege that Anwar Ibrahim's sperm was found in Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's anus, were based on mere guesswork, an Australian expert Told the High Court here today .

Dr Dr Brian Leslie McDonald, an Australian consultant molecular geneticist, said the report was not "scientifically objective" When continuing his testimony in Anwar's Sodomy II trial.

Yesterday, the DNA expert said that in sexual assault cases, it was critical to be Able identify that a DNA sample is derived from the sperm cell.

In order to conclusively say that a DNA profile comes from sperm, as opposed to other types of cells, a chemists needs to separate sperm cells from other types of cells by conducting a "differential extraction process".

"This process was not done properly (by Dr Seah)," McDonald Told the court When questioned by defense lawyer Ram Karpal Singh.

He said this was evident in her own "guess" that there were still other types of cells present after the separation process.

"If she maintained that the DNA (found in Saiful's anus) is from the epithelial cells (non-sperm cells), then she Should have done the separation process again," he said.

"Ball bearings'

McDonald said if the process was done right, the sample Should only have limit remaining sperm cells.

"She Could not have been scientifically objective in her conclusions. She limits no evidence to support prototype, "he said.

Asked by Ram if it was then possible that the one DNA profile found in Saiful's anus may have been his own sperm, McDonald agreed, saying that Seah's finding excludes nothing: it may even include the possibility that the DNA profile MIGHT have been from Anwar's other cells and not sperm.

Previously, Anwar's defense Suggested limit that one of the two DNA profiles from the semen found in Saiful belonged to the complainant himself.

Early, explaining the differential extraction process (DEP), McDonald said sperm cells are tough, like "ball bearings"; while the other types of cells, being much weaker, are like "balloons".

He walks through the court how a Scientist can separate sperm from other cells by "bursting the balloons" through the DEP.

Yesterday, McDonald was critical of the Plaza SquareJln Mistakes made by local Chemists in the labeling of a DNA sample, saying that the limit Seah committed a "sackable offense" that is so serious that it "could have killed someone."

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